Double Shot! Coffee Fiesta

Sunday marked the last day of the fringe and for me that meant one last fringe event. What better way to finish off the fringe then with Double Shot! Coffee Fiesta. A full day exploring, tasting and experiencing all things coffee. I am the first to admit I have become a bit of a coffee […]

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Mmmm… Carrot Cake!

Awhile ago I was on the search for a good carrot cake recipe, so I put the call out on facebook and in no time I got a hit. The power of online social networks. I gave the recipe a go and the result was fantastic. The key to this recipe is the moist yet […]

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The Journey Continues!

I still remember my first sink or swim moment, it was in the first few weeks of working at the Grand Chifley and there was a cancelled flight at Adelaide airport. All the chefs had gone home and 200 stranded flyers were sent our way with food and drink vouchers at 10pm. At first I […]

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