A year as Jamie Oliver

This year I made a dream come true and I began work for Jamie Oliver in his Adelaide restaurant Jamie’s Italian. I remember watching Jamie on TV for the first time when I was at school and from that time on he has been one of the most formative presences in my cooking career. So […]

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The Journey Continues!

I still remember my first sink or swim moment, it was in the first few weeks of working at the Grand Chifley and there was a cancelled flight at Adelaide airport. All the chefs had gone home and 200 stranded flyers were sent our way with food and drink vouchers at 10pm. At first I […]

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8 months later!

It’s been 8 months, and so much has happened. I’m am now a full time cook which is amazing, no more dishes. I’ve paid my dues and am now reaping the rewards. I have learnt so much in such a short period of time from both Tafe and work. So what exactly have I learnt? […]

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A new day, a new journey!

For the better part of the last decade I have struggled with my direction. I have tried Marketing, Advertising and IT, and even though I enjoyed all of these fields I struggled to find the passion and motivation needed to succeed. I have always felt that I would never be the top of my field […]

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