Double Shot! Coffee Fiesta

Sunday marked the last day of the fringe and for me that meant one last fringe event. What better way to finish off the fringe then with Double Shot! Coffee Fiesta. A full day exploring, tasting and experiencing all things coffee. I am the first to admit I have become a bit of a coffee snob so for me this was heaven.

Double Shot might just be one of my favourite events of the year so far. There was coffee from Bar 9, Combi Coffee, Veneziano and The Coffee Barun just to name a few. And sweet treats to enjoy with your cup of joe from Eggless Desserts Pop Up, By Blackbird and Boulangerie 113. I stayed away from the treats this time and went straight for the coffee. I was first tempted by the Ethiopian Nekisse pour over from the Coffee Baron which was rich and full bodied especially for a filter style coffee. Then it was onto Carnevale Coffee Roasters for a cold drip coffee. Again I was very happy, not sure if it was because of the coffee buzz I was now getting on or because the coffee was good, I think the later.


We checked out the salsa band while we waited for the in-laws to meet us. The salsa band really made the event so special. The music was intoxicating, as lame as it sounds it was just like in the movies, the salsa music comes on and everyone can’t help but dance. People we’re dancing and grooving everywhere. It was so great to watch the crowd enjoying the music and having a great time.


When the in-laws found us we scoped out all the funky/hipster furniture that had been scattered around the lawns. There was massive 3×3 meter cushions to sit on, logs of wood with the top painted in an assortment of colours, old school red stools (very nostalgic for me), small tables made from cardboard, and bales of hay with coffee bean sacks draped over the top.


My favourite though was the kids tables which were constructed from two palettes stacked on top of each other painted white with a blackboard as the tabletop. They had chalk in big metal coffee cups for the kids to draw with and there were white coffee cups with whiteboard markers so the kids could draw on them too. The other great idea for the kids was the huge connect four game that was set up near the tables. The kids looked like they were having as much fun, if not more fun then there parents.


We finished the day with a coffee from Bar 9. Unfortunately the filter coffee had run out, they told me it was good though. I begged them “please don’t tell me it was good” to which they responded “oh no it was terrible, so bad that we had to throw it out”. This led to many more jokes. It was a great experience, even though I wasn’t able to have what I wanted I left feeling happy. For me its customer service like this that makes me want to go back to a place, I now have a connection with the Bar 9 crew. I ended up with a flat white which was good but the blend was a bit on the mild side for me more of the crowd pleaser type coffee, nice but I like my coffee to be a bit more complex in flavour.

I left the Coffee Fiesta in such a good mood, again could be because of the coffee high, but I don’t think so. I think it was because the event was put together so well it was hard not to enjoy yourself. I take my hat off to the organisers and I’m already looking forward to next years Fiesta.



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