The Table (Restaurant Review)

I have to admit straight off the bat that I’m a fan of the Table. The chef has a real passion for food, the waiting staff are professional and friendly, the interior decore is good and most importantly the food tastes and looks great.

I’ve eaten at the Table a number of times now and every time the food and service has been exceptional. I remember the second time we were there for dinner, my girlfriend was all excited about the chocolate coated coffee bean she would be getting with her coffee, she loved it so much that I asked the waiter if they had them for sale. He said no, however as we were leaving he handed her a brown paper bag with a couple of handfuls of the lovely coffee beans inside, this made her night! It’s this customer service that sets the Table apart from the rest. I’m not saying that there perfect by any means, on our last visit there was a mistake and a meal came to our table early (it was meant for another table) so my mother ate before the rest of us. But the waiter took responsibility for the mistake, which was refreshing in it’s self and made sure we were happily and looked after us. Mistakes happen people, it’s how there dealt with that matters.

In my opinion the Table is one of the best restaurants in the Adelaide Hills. You can really tell that everyone has a real passion for what they are doing, and that they really want to be there. They’re doing everything right.

My Rating:

Overall. 4/5
Customer Service. 4.5/5
Price vs Quality. 4/5
Food. 4/5


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