What’s in our food!

A few months back a friend sent me a link to an article on foodrenegade.com about what goes into making supermarket orange juice in America. The article is definitely worth reading, it describes the process fruit juice goes through before hitting the supermarket shelves. By the end of the process I don’t know if you can really call it fruit juice, there’s nothing left that even remotely resembles the juice from fresh fruit.

The fruit goes through an extraction process and the juice is de-oxygenised and then stored in huge vats for up to a year, so much for fresh juice. This is how juice companies are able to supply “fresh” juice all year round even when the fruit is not in season. This process of de-oxygenising also removes the flavour, so we are left with flavourless, year old fruit juice. Flavour packs which are just chemical flavourings are then added to the juice. This is how they make sure each bottle of juice taste the exactly same. It’s a bit scary and makes you wonder if it’s happening in Australia too!



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