A new day, a new journey!

For the better part of the last decade I have struggled with my direction. I have tried Marketing, Advertising and IT, and even though I enjoyed all of these fields I struggled to find the passion and motivation needed to succeed. I have always felt that I would never be the top of my field in these areas, I felt inadequate. And I knew why I was struggling so much, because the simple truth was, my heart was elsewhere.

As a young boy I loved to cook, it was by far my favourite subject at school but I was talked out of following that path. I was told that the hours were crap, it was hard work for little pay, and that my time would be much better spent studying for a real career so that I didn’t have to struggle like my parents did at times. In short, in my young eyes, it wasn’t really an option. So I spent the next 7 years studying. I completed an Advanced Diploma in Business Marketing and a Diploma in Advertising. By this time I was really struggling and I began to fail subjects. For some reason this did not discourage me and I moved on to a double degree in IT and Marketing at Uni, where I spent a miserable year, failed half my subjects and racked up a hefty HECS debt (especially when you consider what I got out of it – zip). It was clear that something wasn’t working for me.

My girlfriend, utterly exasperated by my shenanigans, pulled me aside and we talked about what was really going on. At first I was keen to continue my studies as I felt I had to prove to myself and everyone else I could do it, and on top of this I really didn’t feel I had any other option. But as we talked I discovered that what I really wanted to do with my life was cook.

For me cooking isn’t really optional. It’s my passion, as cliche as it is to say. When I look back, I don’t blame those who talked me out of cooking. But I will say this, if you are apathetic about the options before you, for sure pick the one with better hours and better pay, but if you have a passion like I do with cooking, anything else will feel like a charade.

For me it didn’t matter that the hours can be bad, the work hard and the money average, I just had to give it a go. So this is where we stand today, I have dropped out of Uni and have started a Diploma in Commercial Cookery at TAFE in South Australia and I am working as a Cook in a large hotel in Adelaide. Finally I am heading in the right direction and things feel right in the world… I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures!


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